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About Our Business

Priority Home Repair - About

Maintaining the upkeep of your home can feel like a full time job, not to mention when things go wrong repairs can also be time consuming and stress inducing.  At Priority Home Repair, we understand your concerns and are here to make your home maintenance tasks easier than ever.  Our team of professionals consists of roofers, plumbers and general handyman services that are designed to help you get your home into the condition that is best for you and your family.  There are no projects too large or too small for our professionals, from full kitchen remodeling to assisting with the assembly and relocation of new furniture.  Not only do we help you get rid of your task lists, but our pricing makes us the best decision you can make for your home.

Offering a full range of home repair services that address everything from renovations to repairs and maintenance, Priority Home Repair is the local handyman you can trust to take good care of your home.  With highly trained professional handymen that are prepared to tackle even your most difficult tasks, we have the right combination of knowledge and professional equipment to get the job done.  Using our extensive knowledge of common and uncommon home issues, our team members work closely with you to understand your needs for the project at hand.  Whether it’s remedying a leaking roof or fixing issues with your plumbing we have the skilled workers that will get the job completed.  With quality and value that can’t be beat, you can trust our professionals to give your home the care that it needs.

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